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Artificial Grass: Friendly On Your Pocket, Friendly On Your Health

Some acne, facial blemishes, discoloration and the likes can be quite easy to hide, especially with some make up. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of facial fractures and other injuries to the facial frame.

More often than not, doing the most routine of chores can quickly turn tragic. One such routine chore is mowing the lawn. Most people spend at least one weekend in a month taking care of their lawn to ensure it looks pristine. Unfortunately, what should have been an otherwise relaxing, and routine activity, can turn out to be a very devastating experience.

Lawn Mower Accidents

Only recently, a 10 year old girl in Minnesota, was left with 200 stitches down her face after a freak accident involving a lawnmower. The girl was stuck in the face by a piece of lawnmower blade which sheared off, leaving her with a serious injury. That is only one of many such reported incidents. Every year, thousands of cases, differing in severity are reported across the globe. The lawn mower blades can cause cuts, and fractures, while the hot engine or exhaust of the mower may cause burns. In the most severe of cases, the victims are left with more than just a wound or fracture, but instead have to have a part of their body amputated to avoid further complications.

With all that in mind, it therefore does go without saying that you have to be particularly careful every time you are working with a lawnmower. Apart from injuries from the mower itself, it’s not uncommon to have stones and other debris propelled by the mowing action and right to the face where they cause serious injury.

Low Maintenance Artificial Grass

What if you didn’t have to worry about mowing your lawn and feeling so apprehensive about it every time? Knowing that you can have a perfectly maintained lawn all year round without having to put in all this work, while putting yourself and those around you at risk?

The little maintenance that artificial grass requires does not involve mowing. As a matter of fact, the only power tool you may need around your artificial grass lawn is a power blower. Synthetic grass does not grow and will not need any mowing at any time. To keep the lawn looking good, you may need to blow away or sweep any leaves and other debris that may have collected on the grass from the nearby trees and the surroundings.

By completing doing away with the need to mow your lawn, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and effectively safeguarding yourself against lawn mower-related accidents and incidents.

Some of these lawn mower related injuries can be quite severe. It gets ugly and it gets expensive, especially if you have to deal with huge hospital bills. And that is not to mention the burden of carrying the scars, both physical and emotional from that experience. With artificial grass, you can rest easy and enjoy a lush green lawn without all the risk.

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